Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Day of Surprises....

  This past Sunday I arranged to get all my children together, it's not a task that's easy, as even on the Holidays they all go their separate ways to in law's homes, even more now it seems, since I have been single. It took a bit of trickery, but, it worked, and I couldn't have had a better time. My oldest son, on the far left, my daughter in the middle holding Henry, and my second oldest, holding my daughter's first born in the orange tee and his daughter in the blue and white dress.

It was number 7's birthday, my first born grandson, who happen to enter this life the day of my own birthday. How sweet is truly is an awesome feeling to share my birthday with him. We have shared a bond that is close, from the day he was old enough to know, I was grammie, he turned 12 and I turned 60. Little Camilla was making her way to the photo when my son took the photograph. These three belong to my oldest son.

It truly was the best birthday I ever had and I hope Brennan did too. You see his other grandmother passed away last October 16, when she fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree. She passed upon impact at just 58 years old. Little Camilla in the photo was just going on 7 months, she will never know how attentive she was to all her grandchildren. How she immersed herself totally into their lives. She and her husband took them every year to the same places, camping, cedar point, disneyland, she attended every event in those children's lives. She truly is sadly missed.

So yes, I turned 60 and must say I don't feel it at all. Stay active is what I do. So much so, I thought roller skating (where the party took place) was the next best thing to do. My children were reluctant to have me skate, yet, as I told them, I said I would and I am going is about experiences and fun.

So I did...however...not without falling a few times...which had all of them laughing along with me. I don't know what happened, it surely was not as easy as I remember.
So there you have it...I had a most wonderful time... creating memories... with all my children and their children. 
 I am so proud of all of my children, they learned everything I set out to teach them, and that, makes a mom feel good.