Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Emma Knitted Blanket

Its finally finished what I call The Emma Blanket, for  my grand daughter Emma who is all of 14 months old. I thought it would never end...literally...all the stripes and weaving in all the end. Yet here it is...I have to say it's not one of the best yarns I have ever used Cascade 220 superwash sport. It had a tendency to split a lot especially the Strawberry color. I also didn't care for how it made the edges which is why I added a crocheted border. Which on the wrong side is so, so, I am a bit picky I guess. I just hate it when a project is disappointing to the creator. 
 I used number U.S. 6 circular knitting needles, and 8 balls (50gms) of extra creme cafe and approx. 4 balls of Strawberry in a garter stitch which I love. Maybe, I should have gone down a size for a tighter stitch, who knows, it was my first time with Cascade sport weight yarn. I have used Cascades before but surely will not be using this again. Oh wait, I have already purchased colonial blue, and extra creme cafe. Arg!