Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Recycling Two Desks Two Chairs Project

It's been raining a lot so much so my garden has taken a beating this season. I treated the garden yesterday for blight and powdery mildew from all the rain. I so wish we could somehow send it
out to the west coast as they need it badly. God Bless them all I hope rain finds it way there soon. In the meantime I took two old school desks out of the garage and recycled both into a bird feeder and working on a coffee table. I plan on adding two drawers to the coffee table which are the bottoms to the two old school desk, not sure yet about the top, but am leaning toward reclaimed wood from two Adirondack old chairs foot stools. I am turning both of the Adirondack chairs into a hanging swing. The bird feeder is done and I have already began the swing. Did some wood removing have sawing to do adding wood on the bottom and across the back. Then I will lightly sand and paint white. I am all about recycling, in our area alone there are way too many trees being cut down, and nature is in need of those trees for many reasons...we need them too for our own survival. If you know where there is land with lots of trees or a wooded area for sale, purchase it so no one can build on it...or plant a tree when you can...we are destroying our planet for future life...including our children and grandchildren. We need to stop thinking just about now and start thinking about the future of our children. We are such a throw away society here in the United States and that needs to stop. We can do this people, we can change things...your children need a better future. So with that said, I will keep posting the results of the coffee table and the swing. I am thinking of using the wood from the foot stools that came with the chairs on top of the coffee table. Will see how it goes and by all means people recycle whenever you can it's amazing what one can create.