Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Tiny Visitor

Monday my daughter, Dannon, stopped by with her little one William who is now 16 months. Gosh how time flies, look to the left side of my blog, he is the baby in the gray owl sack I knitted for him.
It hardly seems like he should be so grown already.

William has such a beautiful soul and amazing character, it's a delight to be around him. His mommy taught him sign language, I was so excited she remembered it from her twin brother's with Down Syndrome, neither communicate other than signing, William is extremely good at the basics. I can not tell you what it means to a toddler to be able to express themselves. He literally has no frustrations with communicating, he was able to tell us everything he wanted, right down to when he was done eating. He even signs thank you after you give him something. My daughter is amazing with him, giving him only fruit to snack on with no junk food. At night when it's bed time, she will tell him nite, nite, time...he goes to the bedroom she follows behind. He gets ready even brushes his teeth, but, is allowed his binky only when going to bed. I had so much fun with him, I can not express how happy this little boy is...William and Grammie, and yes I was tickling him. Be still my heart, I am in love <3