Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's on The Needles

Since we've been getting a lot of snow lately...I have been knitting away. Taking a few breaks here and there to shovel the snow. I just love shoveling it's like cutting the grass everything looks so neat. Yet the snow, just being out there as it of natures most delicate things can make such a huge mark. I love just standing in it looking up at the sky as it falls. Even at my age I am always amazed and in aw of it all! Oh, and the blanket, yes, is being done in Lion Brand Wool Ease. It rare that I work with this yarn it's not the best by far, it tends to split which just drives me nuts. However, my daughter needed something she could throw in the washer without harm. The chestnut color tends to look a bit burgundy with the heather gray appearing to have a bit of a blue hue. Let's just say I nearly ripped it out and started all over... yet I trolled through am starting to like it a bit more...thank goodness.

 P.S. and yes the pillow cases are getting ready to post...they just needed a bit of ironing and now photographing.