Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Long Ruffled Handmade Pillow Cases

A while back I was thinking about my blog and ponder it all. Kind of in a whirlwind of thinking and thinking what exactly I wanted to do, and I came up with this..why can't I do it all. Well, not literally. Some say there should be a point...right! Well... after much deliberation, I decided who says I have to follow the trends, nope, not this gal. I decided to offer my handmade pillow cases and tea cup totes, plus, I will keep on crocheting and knitting, and even offer completed blankets and such. Being an empty nester and a creative one at that I can do whatever I want and so it begins.

The pillow cases are long edge ruffled, they will be available right here on my blog beginning February 1, 2015 as will the Tea Cup Totes. 

All the pillow cases are handmade using quality linen, osanburg, muslin, stripe ticking, homespun checks in a variety of colors. Each pillow case has a french seam which offers no fraying. All the fabric is pre-washed prior to assembling the pillow cases. They will be available in a multiple of sizes.

My Tea Cup Totes are all handmade with a multiple of coordinating colors inside and out. Each fits a standard tea cup, has a pocket which will hold your tea bags, sugars, and spoon. The fabric is pre-washed, comes padded to protect the teacup which coordinate with the design. I will also have sets with messages for gift giving.

Once I launch them here on my blog the Teacup Totes will have full photographs that display how they are used. In this day and age with the population growing and virus's spreading rapidly, these Teacup Totes help tremendously by keeping your cup germ free. I don't know about anyone else but I carry my own cups this time of year. Just as a do my own pen for signing things away from home. Who knows how many people have touched the pen in the course of the day.

I hope you will stop back on February 1, 2015 when I launched them all for sale, right here.