Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Knitting in the New Year

Welcome all and Happy New Year, although I am not one who's much on celebrating the New Year, however, rightly so, I have to admit when I was younger it seemed to be a much bigger deal...everything does, don't you think.... as I get older, some things are changing. I enjoy the solace of the winters, free time for learning new things, and growing as a person. And of course new challenges in knitting. Knitting is a medium which has drawn me in this past few years, more so, than any other. Knitting.. simple.. useful things. They seem to be more in demand among my children, things like blankets, wraps, and's rhythm is comforting to the soul.

Soon 2014 ends and 2015 rings in ....this past year brought a lot into the life of my children and me as a grammie....there was William, now 13 months and walking.....his mom, my daughter, is expecting again in July of 2015, which means this little man is getting a new sibling. Isn't he just a doll?


Then there was Emma Ann, my second oldest son's first child. She has the most incredible color of eyes I have seen in a 7 months...she's crawling...and pulling herself up to stand. How could one not feel blessed.

And then below there is Camilla, who belongs to my oldest son...the one who had the hardest start into this life...nearly two months in the NICU...she is our tiniest of the three...she is now 9 months, tiny as ever, wearing size 9 month clothing which is still a bit large, yet she is standing, crawling and climbing up on the couch. They all brighten my heart each in there own way. They were my blessings of 2014 and as I mentioned there is another due in much more can a grammie be blessed.

I supposed I am more blessed than I think about sometimes. Life seems to be that way, ya know, moving faster, forward...two working families, people struggling. Always looking forward to the New Year hoping for better things to come and positive changes. There doesn't seem much time for family as we move forward, does it feel the same for you..I hope it changes for us all somehow in 2015. Family after all is what life is truly about...let's not loose it anymore...let's not let the world take more of it from us. We can do that can't we...somehow.

I am simply grateful for all that's around me...I took the photo of myself last week on a relatively, yet unusual, warm day. It was nice to be in the woods it's where I am most at home....among nature. I think as we get older and life slows down...even though the years seems to fly by...we mentally slow down. It helps us with finding the ability to enjoy more things in life, without all the confusion of raising a family, and trying to find ourselves along the way. It's the best part of aging, the best part of being an empty nester....all our senses seem to be alert all the time...and that my readers is an amazing feeling. Look forward to aging, embrace the journey, it's a heck of a ride, well worth it all.

It doesn't come without aches and pains here and's all about how you change as the body changes...knowing your capabilities and your limits at the same time. I focus on my capabilities and with my limits I just learn a new way around them. Healthy is something that I am for the most part...aging again has it's ways but I don't let it stop me. Even though another year is coming and I am going to turn the big 60...I am totally okay with it all. It is true what they say "it's just a number" it's all in your attitude how often you let the child out to play...I let her play as often as she needs...and trust me she does let me her own way. 

In the New Year whatever age you may be turning....embrace it...enjoy it...and by all means don't worry so much about where you're at or where you have been...where you have been is gone can't be changed and where you're at is always temporary...and if where your at is tough right now...hang on ... from my own trials and tribulations I can tell you this...everything comes to an end. If your trials are tough right now...not to worry you will know when it's about to end...that's when it feels the worst. After all... once you go down there is only one other way to go...UP!
And up feels absolutely amazing and worth it all!

 As for me I will be knitting in the New Year with my second blanket in 6 months...I have stayed to my commitment of finishing one project at a time. This blanket is the current one and I am loving it....with all that said....


HAPPY NEW YEAR dear readers thank you so very much for staying with prayer for you...
growth, acceptance of others and of yourself, giving of yourself and to those in need, much happiness which is found only within you, an abundance of blessings, a positive outlook, health among yourself and all around you...but most important the eyes to see everything, and the heart to listen instead of doing all the speaking. Amen