Friday, October 24, 2014

For the Love....

Things are getting back to normal after a couple weeks of a very difficult time. I don't know if my daughter in law's will find it quite as settling yet. As I mentioned in my last post both of the my daughter in law's lost there first parent tragically. If I didn't mention yes, both lost a parent in the same week with one loosing her grand father a week before her father. It's truly been sad and has left us all in aw of what happened. So today I speak of things that bring me joy and love. 

The dolls by Kaye Wiggs are just amazing and rightfully so, she is a very talented artist. Owning one of her dolls would be a privilege, yet one I can not afford, as they cost anywhere from 500.00 to 800.00 or more.. I think with those kind of funds to spend I'd like a week of relaxing somewhere I could be pampered for awhile.

Little William is turning one in November it hardly seems possible, I feel as though I just had the gray owl cocoon on the needles, and speaking of needles it seems the blanket feels like an endless project. I still push forward like a soldier in battle to complete it although I have to admit it's not daily. Oh how I try...good news I am now a little over half way done. Whee! William captures my heart every time I see him, even if it's just a photograph or video his smile brightens my day. I fear he is going to be a heart breaker, as he has already broken mine and crawled inside. I love this little man more than I thought possible as does his mommy, my daughter, who surprises me daily with her wisdom at such a young age. 

We were at Bob Evans a family restaurant in Ohio, which has wonderful home cooked meals and my daughters favorite place. As I sat and watch interacted with William, she said, " I like to watch you and dad interact with William, it tells me I must of had a wonderful childhood." I was in aw...I truly never thought anyway like her at the same age. She is so incredibly mindful of things around her. I find myself growing closer and more proud of her daily. As she said, you must of done something right mom. I finally think so...she is just beautiful both inside and out. 

To end the post the artwork in the paper towel tubes is amazing. She is an artist who is in another Country which at this moment I can't remember, however, she cuts all the pieces glues them inside and comes up with these amazing scenes. Truly artwork that is not only tedious but captivating.

Being an empty nester I am still growing and learning everyday, it's a non stop part of life. It's not always pleasant as in this fall of my life, I am learning how often death occurs, when everyone around is now much older and in their senior years. I am learning death is one of the things you are faced with more often than one would like to hear or visit even if only through word of mouth, or the newspaper. I am learning how to cope, how to help those around me cope, when to speak and when to just listen. I send my daughter in law's a text everyday and will continue for a year to let them know I am thinking of them and how very much I love them.