Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blanket Progress

It's a bit of a dreary week so far and perfect for knitting, getting cozy, and turning on the fireplace. Some in the home seem to think the window is the place to be...

Bella has been with me since she was two days old and is now 4, totally hates to be photographed. She turns her head away from me so to capture this photo, I had to make a noise, didn't fool this girl in her fav spot in front of the living room window. Noisy little bugger...she also hates it when I knit she looks at me as if to say...not again! Then I look at her and say...I agree is it done yet!

As I've mentioned many times, I am not one for color in my home, just can't seem to focus when it surrounds me. As I view others blogs with colorful homes I do so enjoy them, yet I know me, and that makes it all okay to be without color. That's what makes life so incredible, knowing yourself, and being completely happy in your own skin. And I am... even with my non colorful home it suits me well as does the blanket I started in August. I am learning something new even though its just a simple garter stitch. I am learning to Continental Stitch an love it! So much faster, easier on the hands, wrist, learning something new is what I love too, and controlling the urge to start a new project before one is done, another thing I am teaching myself.

As is photographing...I am learning everyday that it's something ironic in itself, it's a constant lesson and I enjoy it. I am going back in a few days to photograph the same spot as the leaves change more...color I leave to nature it's truly where I am at home with it. The colors of changing Seasons blend magnificently together naturally and that suits me just fine.