Thursday, October 2, 2014

All Kinds of Neat Things

Lately I have been knitting, yes, the same blanket I started out with in August. I told myself I was going to finish a project before starting another and knitting I have been doing although it seems like my fingers are working in slow motion. I just had to get out away from the project for awhile, rightly so the weather is just beautiful right now. I am a spring and fall gal, not much on the heat of summer or the cold and dreary days of winter. Took a walk in the woods over the weekend this little squirrel was just fascinating going from tree to tree with all eyes on me, oh so cute. The trees are turning especially the buckeye trees, all the colors so gorgeous. Although I am not fond of color in my home, in nature it's just stunning it just seems to fit or belong to the earth.  Nature just matches the colors beautifully. I did some picking in the neighbors orchard field. Oh, it was dreamy...all the apple, pear, and chestnut trees just drooling with fruit and nuts. There huge fish pond full of gorgeous huge ones all different in color and size with a ton of babies, which were waiting for me. The neighbors know I have a fish tank, needless to say the next day they brought me 12 more. Okay enough now, I keep a few of the unusual color combinations put the rest back in the pond. The chestnuts are waiting to be roasted and the pears were just so soft, sweet and delicious. To top it off that day the sunset was the icing on the cake and a beautiful blend of colors.

Hope all are enjoying these fall changes and all the colors with it.