Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Knitting Blissful Days

This past weekend was filled with so many wonderful things. Labor Day weekend for me is a bit different then most. First of all I get two days of celebrating, one with my daughter and her son, William, who is just an amazing little boy. Then the next day is with my grandson, Brennan, and his dad along with the rest of his family. You see the 31st is a very important date for two reasons, 11 years ago my first grand son, grand child, Brennan was born, a beautiful gift. The second he was born on my birthday, August 31st. On the 30th my daughter comes and gets me we hang out and her gift is dinner anywhere I like. Of course we always go to Bob Evans a wonderful down home style restaurant with excellent food. Actually my daughter worked there from 8th grade to graduation, plus, rarely does she get a chance to eat at Bob Evans. Odd how even on our Birthday, a mothers love for a child is still ahead of herself. I can't express how beautiful it was to spend time with her and William. He is growing away, eating on his own with a tons of teeth and curious doesn't even describe how this little boy just loves to explore. Then there is the 31st my birthday that is shared with a wonderful little guy, Brennan, what a birthday present this little guy was for me. Since his birth we've shared every 31st together, he even spends the night without fail. We mesh so well together it's like we are friends too. The best part of that day is I get to spoil him by taking him out and letting him pick his birthday gifts, it's nice to have a birthday myself that I get to give more than I receive. It's a joyful feeling the best ever. Then on September first I wind down by knitting, I promised myself I would not begin another project until the blanket was done and I am sticking to it, as the blanket grows, and often slowly. I have to say this time this blanket is for me, it's large, oh so soft, and hopefully will be done by Winters days. I think so, it will be nice to cuddle up under it and start a new project.