Thursday, February 6, 2014

Homespun Pillow Cases...

HELLO dear's been snowing here so much that
 I'd like to thank all in my area who sang Let it Snow... Let it Snow... at Christmas.
Your snow is still falling daily!!!

So I am taking a visual trip underneath the waterfall, heck, I'd like to be anywhere there isn't white when one looks out there window. Isn't that photograph just gorgeous! Hopefully one day I will learn my entire camera to do the same. Ya, okay, I am a hands on person unless a professional camera person knocks at my door saying,"Hey I'm here to help" well it's gonna be awhile.

In the meantime my absence from my blog has been due to me sewing away. I am loving every minute as I make all kinds of pillow cases from gorgeous fabrics. This one is a homespun wheat and cream in a tiny check, I just love it! This one will make a gorgeous accent to any bedroom will add just the right amount of texture with it's neutral tones.

See how tiny they are yet just the right impact. I am currently working on a beautiful Kona so soft cotton fabric in the color Oyster. I just love the Kono fabrics! I found a wholesale company that has just what I was looking for in Kona. For those not familiar with Kona it's a high quality very soft cotton fabric.

So the good news is...I will be listing 4 sets of long ruffled pillow cases in standard sizes on Monday February 10th. I am hoping the sun will be shining so I can get really good photographs. They are all done with French Seams with that said, it means you don't have to worry about fraying at all.

Oh and I'm still knitting in fact a pair of gloves. I will pop in tomorrow and show them in progress along with where you can get the pattern.

With all that said, thank you for stopping by my blog!