Saturday, January 11, 2014

HUGE pet peeve...beam me up scotty!

Okay folks, I have a huge pet peeve this time like I don't any other...above is an Alex and Ani charm bangle, my daughter had her hubby buy a couple for Christmas. The problem I'm having anymore... this bizarre world of I created this, it's handmade by the seller, ya da, ya da, okay whatever. Her father was a jewelry maker and now she makes these braclets, yeah, right, okay...then what is this...oh no a China manufacturer oddly sells the exact same everything she does. I mean exactly! 
Just like "Frosted Willow" on Etsy who claims she makes all her own bangles wheee...are popping up on the same site. 

Now my pet peeve, as if I already didn't say it...what on earth in this world is handmade anymore. I mean unless one sees it being made with there own eyes, who knows! You go Sherman! sorry watching Seattle play the Saints. I'm so tired of Drew Brees, okay let's get back to the original story. 

When I was young, we sketched, we painted on walls, but couldn't take them with us, after all a cave painting is hard to carry! LOL! No really when I was young we sat around a fire and wondered how it got there, sorry I can't stop LMAO! Okay note to sell " pull it together for post."

Listen, when I was young we knew that if something said it was handmade, it was handmade. Nothing came from China. Okay maybe Taiwan, but it was the only place, if anything, was not in the U.S.A. there was no craft supply shops, no internet, no cell phones, just plan old "damn it, would someone answer the phone" or it kept ringing. I have to check my birth certificate it sounds like I am from the caveman era. Crap it would have to move up from the caveman, they didn't keep track of birthday's they had no paper.

Okay, so, it's true..if someone made a sketch you knew it was handmade, now, on a computer the same thing can be done. Take a photograph and turn it into a pencil sketch. Hell, my camera even sets itself and we carry our brains in our pockets or purses. That is cell phones that do everything! If a register goes down in a store the cashiers don't know how to make change anymore. We are raising a bunch of brain dead lets make robots instead and get rid of people planet.

Then recently I said this to my oldest son, "how can they say organic food is organic?" I mean come on, when I plant my own garden I think the same thing. First of all, the ground is saturated with chemicals all over people's yards, pollution in the air, rain adds it to the ground, lead from batteries that are thrown away. 

So, recently on the CBC which is a Canada station, by the way Canada, thanks for the Polar Vortex, keep it to yourselves please! FYI another one is on it's way for next weekend! Anyway, a scientist for agriculture said this, "there is very little organic in organic food, there are too many chemicals in the ground from people saturating there lawns, trying to keep the weeds out...Hey people, weeds are part of nature leave them alone! Thank you very much! This person on the CBC said, "about 40% of organic produce is organic if even that much." Okay, I think I'll just drink poison now, wait, that's a rock and roll group. Hey awesome music!

Good old rock and roll from the 60's and 70's bands actually playing the real instruments. Beam me up Scotty, please, take me back before this techno era took over...

So in the end of my post, I have this question for all you folks popping it real or is it made in China? Oh well, I figure it this way for me, if I can't see with my own eyes in this weird new world, then personally I don't believe it! And that's all I have to say about that...thanks forest gump!