Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chilly Days....

It's been so cold here, the wind is blowing, the snow is drifting whirling around through the air. The temperature I don't even want to know, it just feels incredibly chilly. Seems mother nature has decided two years of being nice was enough. I can't say I blame nature without the really cold winters, veggie gardening in the spring doesn't produce much, so I have to say we are chilly, but grateful. It will bring a much better spring, oh were are you spring...just around the corner.

On Christmas Eve my oldest grandson, Brennan, received something he's been dreaming of since he was 3. As a young toddler all he ever spoke of was being a guitarist in a rock band. Since guitar hero came out on on Xbox he's been jamming away. I thought it was time for his dreams to come true, from what I hear he's playing away learning more with Rock Smith. This little guy as tons of potential and he's letting everyone know at just 10 years old. However, the little guy below is not appreciating the amp that puts out all the sound.

Owen, is 6, turning 7 tomorrow and a bubble boy all the way....and grammie made sure he got what he wanted. It's the beauty of being a grandmother, spoil them as much as we can and I love it.

But the last few days, of this chilly weather has me thinking blankets and searching for patterns, wrapping myself up in warm handmade deliciously soft one sound so good right now. I found this one Basel Throw free pattern, I feel in love with the design and adding another project to my already long...list!

Then I stumbled across this on  Pinterest which I have been spending a lot of time trolling...isn't it just so cool. The things one finds is amazing there are so many creative people in this world that would have gone unnoticed without the internet.

This one totally had my attention although it didn't lead to any real pattern just a error, but I still love this one the best. The colors, the way the grannie squares mix with the double crocheted rows. This is another one I would love to make, in the meantime I will keep trolling, as I sit on the couch wrapped up in a blanket enjoying the quite days of creating.