Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trials and Tribulations of being a Woman...

Good Afternoon, dear readers, last minute shoppers, the countdown is narrowing and it's raining here today, in fact, it's been raining for 3 days. I've been wondering if someone is going to build another arc and collect us two by two...especially since it's going to continue in to Monday. I wasn't sure if I should put my snow shovel away and bring out my rain gear, but actually, I hope I'm not living above a sink hole. Whoops...there goes the house! Incredibly easy way to clean, hey! What ever woman would want a house that disappears when it needs cleaned or better yet, Samantha, from Bewitched.

Keep dreaming, as a woman, one would think once we hit our so called golden years, wait I'm not that close yet, but not far off....out shut up! LOL...stop the madness! My mother worked in a meat cutting plant for 32 years after retiring, my father passed shortly after of cancer. We watched as his life slipped away, my mother torn and confused after 35 years of marriage, she was there holding his hand, right up until the end, she didn't let go until they took him to the morgue. Okay, now I have to stop.... sounds as gray as the day looks....Needless to say from that day on...she would always say,"If these are your golden years, someone lied to me." Take a trip, travel, see the world it's our time, we've earned it after all those years in a factory...then again in order to do that one would have to be Beyonce, Donald Trump, and many more I could name, living the high life. Is there even a middle class life anymore? Which leads me to mother living alone never stopped doing everyday, what she did all her life. Picking up, cleaning, dusting, cooking it just didn't stop day after day...With 7 children my parents couldn't afford life insurance....Now although we've come along way with cleaning products, from my mother's day, from sweepers with bags to bag less sweepers. Put it doesn't stop... my own pet peeves ....
1. That's a bag less sweeper below...agreed?
2. Saves on bags, right!
3. Sweeps the carpet, correct!
4. Then why on earth should I have to clean it twice a month.
5. Thank you very much.... I say to the companies for creating a yet another sweeper that does saves me dollars in bags but not in actual cleaning. Why can't they invent one that I can hose down, just take out back or put it in the bath tub and hose it down....better yet if I had a butler, a maid etc...I wouldn't have to worry about it. Yeah right who can afford that!!! Remember the scene in I Love Lucy, where she says to Ethel, why does everything worth having cost so much money? So today is the task of cleaning this contraption, taking it apart and giving it a complete once over.....I'd rather live in a cave at least they didn't have to dust, do dishes, clean a toliet... just find a spot outside...or shave the same parts over and over....

Now if you remember the chair below, I picked up for 20.00 took apart and planned on recovering. Well, I saw what I thought was a brainy idea on another blog. Tulip has a fabric paint that is permanent so I bought it in black. Today it's drying after the second coat and three bottles later at 6.97 each. Here's what I think...
1. it's a bit pricey for 4 fl. ounces.
2. I had to take many breaks as the pump made my hand tired while apply.
3. they say it's doesn't make fabric stiff....LOL...LOL...I think we understand.
4. It's like rubbing up against sandpaper. Can it be softened, of course, after using a sweeper with the attachment for cleaning furniture...let's just say a bit softer, not enough that I would do it again. 
5. What to do...well for now I am going to cover the top mauve section with a nice cream fabric, with a black soft print. Then I'm going to throw my sheepskin rug over it for softness. Of course, the seat cushion and the arm areas will be completed in the same cream with soft black printed fabric. At some point I'm just going to haul it off to have it reupholstered.... maybe in the spring or summer. And, if it's not  too expensive then I'll just live with it...a 20.00 show piece. Not bad!

So, I think of my life and know I have been blessed in many ways....I am grateful for many things...I do believe that what we tell ourselves, even in the silence of our own minds, determines how we live. Yet, no matter how hard I keep saying...I'm going to have a hasn't's take money and money is something I'm not fond of or for that care to chase. I live for family, people, spending my life helping them and those less fortunate. Then why the pet peeves....because I feel when anyone gets to an age where things are completed in life, the children are raised living on there own, the cooking of multiple daily meals is done, the long days of laundry, the care given of our families needs, and it's down to parents whether together or alone, things should change....we all should get a equal break. That just because some manage to live more fortunate then the rest there should still be some kind of level playing field. As mother's we all do the same thing, even if we have jobs, in the end when we get home we all do the same things over and over for our families, including keeping the home clean. In the real world it's mostly done by women.

And even in all that we do in life...we loose ourselves...we take less time for ourselves and we forget what we are made of personally, that we have talent tucked away...and one day when it's all over, we look in the mirror and say, who is that and why do I not recognize this woman anymore. The one who before the children and the family, was pretty, did her hair, took care of her skin no longer is looking back at us. Even in the golden years, the years when it's our time, we look in the mirror and still do not see that women. We are tired, we are worn, we are in a place where with the past years with the economy, a majority of us still can't take a weekend to sit in a nice cabin in the mountains, lying in a huge sauna with a large window, sipping on whatever drink we like, and watching the snow fall. Releasing a deep sigh of relief and relaxation to rejuvenate our bodies, minds, to continue to do what we do everyday, even after the kids are gone. It's mostly because a majority of us still live check to check, without find enough to put away for the future, or maybe the future didn't turn out as we expected because life took us on a turn we didn't expect.

Even though I am alone...the kids are gone with families of there own...I am still feeling what a majority in life are...struggling every day just to get to the next one. So when my Doctor looks at me and says, you have to eat better, take better care of yourself...I reply...I am doing the best I can with what I have...I am eating chocolate yes, but it's dark chocolate...oh those darn cute, awesome tasting, comfy feeling, delicious M&Ms who have me in there spell....I end with this...Well Doc, when you cut back your pricing for a checkup, when  the Government realizes the people need more than just we are working on it. And chicken little stops yelling the sky is falling... then maybe we can all save our money for our golden years, stop doing all the task we did as mother's, you'd find more of us sitting in that sauna in that cabin in the woods, watching the snow fall or the sunset...paying someone to wait on us in those golden years. Until then...

I have a sweeper waiting....Arg!  And then a pillow waiting to be knitted.
Blessings to make my day just knowing your stopped in if only just to read. Thank you.