Monday, October 21, 2013

Kitchen Counter Makeover...Whee!

When it come to redecorating I am a very spontaneous contractor..yes...I do as I feel and when that feeling strikes this girl doesn't stop. It all started on Saturday waking up to rainy cool day nothing on the t-vision and this girl BORED...a combination for a very spontaneous moment...and a moment it was....
If you've been following me you know I have lived in this apartment for 7 years...whee...that's a long time in one place and 7 years is the mark for changing decor so they say...Now for those who know me using blue masking tape is not an options. This girl wings it all the way...lets just say who has time to apply all that stuff and then have to rip it off....Not me each day that passes people this girl ain't getting any younger! Redecorating around things is something I have always done even when I was hired to do murals or paint a room...I got in there got it done and was on my way.
Only this time something kinda back fired...I prepared the counter top took out the new brush and started to paint the counters. Now there is this really cool stuff out for counter tops that is down right awesome. It's by Rustoleum and comes in many colors, custom actually and I choose black. Why, I have had white and cream counters but never black and that as you may know is my accent color.
So the painting began, the brush strokes appeared, and I panicked, what had I done, why did I start this... kept running through my head. Frustration set in with the brush stokes not disappearing when out of no where this girl just dumped the paint on the counter...there it was a big puddle of paint and me thinking now what! So I did what any little kid would do with a puddle...took both hands and started finger painting. It was awesome...the inner child was having a blast and the counter was covered in black. Standing there with black hands covered in an oil based paint and not finding the finish appealing, I slammed my hand down on the counter looked down saw the hand print and thought that's it I will add texture. And that's what I did.. patting my hands all over the counter made my new black counter look like leather.
And the paint on my hands....well thank goodness I had fingernail polish remover. It was a life saver! Note to instructions entirely use roller next time paint brush not recommended.
In the end things turned out fine with the counter top...but I didnt' stop there..nope not this girl. One change lead to another and I spent 10 hours redoing the kitchen. If you notice from the first photo to this one the walls are white, yup, that boring white people seem to putting everywhere. If I wanted to live in a place painted entirely white I'd live at the hospital where white is everywhere. Being the person I am following trends is not me...I am an innovator one who like to do things my way not the way the world is saying it's suppose to the colors of the year..etc. I live life my way and express myself in entirely my own way! After all if you follow the trends of the year, how do you really know what you like, or for that who you really are if others are telling you what you should like!
And if people don't like it, well hey, when my door closes at night who really cares but me!

So here it is....not the whole kitchen there are still things I am doing for the next couple days. But right now I am pleased...I finally have a black counter top! I really like the way the ball jars look on the black and how the stove front now coordinates perfectly...and the chalkboard paint behind that says "Cucina" which means Kitchen in Italian. Yup! This is my "Cucina" the black counter top the light olive color walls and my new pop of orange which I plan on adding for the fall. My kitchen says me it's warm, inviting, and oh so not white!
P.S. there is more to see on the other walls which will be finished tonight. In the mean time think outside the trends or the box and get to know just might be surprised what you find.
 For my next post! I've been tapestry crocheting I wonder what it might be..hmmm!