Monday, July 1, 2013

Things We Should Already Know as Adults...and Decorating Continues!

There are many things in life we should know from the time we begin to grow. I once read a book called "Everything We Need to Know We Learned in Kindergarten" it's really a great read and so true. Sharing, Putting back things we get out, to play nicely, and many more. Yet do we really as adults? Sometimes I think we've forgotten and maybe should have to take a refresher course in Kindergarten every so many years, like the way we do with a drivers license. But despite it all there is one thing I do love about children, they are the most honest humans on this earth, at least up to 6 years old some maybe older. I only know the younger they are the more honest. It's the beauty of those little people, yet most don't notice them. I was at a store one night a young lady was on her cell phone and yelling at her daughter at the same time, of course the little one was running up and down the aisles knocking things over...I stopped the mother and said, "please get off your phone?" looking at me she replies, "what" me, " get off your phone your little one is running up and down the aisles while your talking, and yelling at her, do you know where she is now?" She gets off the phone yells for her daughter who comes around the corner. Of course I say, " listen, was the call that important that you would risk loosing your child? And if you do, who are you going to blame?" She stood there starring at me, replies " I suppose your right." I suppose I'm right I I lean down I ask the little one, "why are you running up and down the aisle and what do you want from mommy right now? She replies, to get off the phone. I look at the mother and said, " it's that simple she just wants your attention. Please stay off your phone she's more important than your conversation and I walked away. Isn't this something we should know without someone pointing it out. I wonder!
In the same week I go to another store while checking out I see a group of young teens, of course, here for the summer as we have one of the largest roller coaster parks in the country "Cedar Point" well they hire a lot of foreign teens from colleges around the world, the park gets discounts for bringing them to our city. As I watch and listen it's a language I can't make head nor tails out being the person I am as my daughter would say blunt. I stop with politeness and say, excuse me, do you speak English?" well of course the answer is yes, nearly every foreign country now has to learn English. My reply was polite and simple..."please honor our Country while you are in the United States be respectful and speak English it's our language, and when you're at your home here, speak whatever you want." Shouldn't this be common knowledge when working here...our city get swamped by foreign workers from April to Oct.
Another thing as humans we should know is filming a bird takes a lot of patience and being incognito! It took me 45 minutes of hiding and not moving to get a wild golden finch's photograph only to moon me! I can not tell you how many I took until I was able to at least get part of him in the proper manner. Sometimes I wonder what we must look like to them when they see us? Note to self....what did I learn...more patience Wow that's a plus. Thank you little guy or gal and especially for mooning me LOL!
BTW.. these little bird prefer the white bags already filed over those long feeders with the yellow cap.
Then there is decorating...I can remember the days when I was younger...raising the children. I use to decorate and redecorate I do believe and now know because I was so lost, wrapped up in the children if your read this. So decorating became my past time and occasional crocheting or knitting, but decorating really won over all. Oh my gosh,  my house had to be presentable, to my friends, my husbands friends, there wife's, the neighbors and who ever else passed through the house. Add decorating to a mother's task while raising children it's another thing we do. I can't tell you how many times at night (once children in beds) I would begin decorating and run back and forth to the store. This didn't work, that didn't work, back and forth, returning things. It was taxing! I sat down one night and thought I am exhausted just decorating and thought wait there has to be an easier way. Now back then we didn't have computers quite yet or a program that let us download our room and change colors. What did I learn... to use construction paper before purchasing paint and beginning the painting task. I also take a group of the color samples in the same color (heck isn't that why they are free) cut out the color I like and tape them together which makes a pretty good size to get a good view of the before painting the walls. After all the color is usually pretty close to the sample and the large ones are the best!
I did paint behind the oven...when one rents one pretty much has to work with what they rent. Yet that's okay if you just let it be and not run back and forth returing this and works out just fine. Note to that the black construction paper is up am I going to paint it black? What do you think?