Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Really Tough

  Finishing a grapevine tree one started a year ago this month has been tough, especially when the pine tree was torn down. Why do we tear down so many things in this Country? This tree my favorite of things I have created from out doors. Very rustic, stands all year round.
It's really tough not to just say screw the Holidays, and lie down on my sheep skin rug in the warmth of a electric fireplace. Which I love! And of course with a nice bottle of white wine.
And it's tough to knit as fast as Kristen who's blog you must visit as I haven't seen anyone knit projects a quickly as she does. This one so far which is done after her latest blanket has taken me hours just to get this far.
Plus it's really tough knitting with straight metal needles I've had since a young teen, when you don't have the size you need in circular needles.
It' s also tough not to make mistakes when one is using double strands of the yarn of Carson Simply Soft. I choose this instead of  Paton (which I love) as I already had many of the colors on hand. Although Caron is really soft the strands also split very easy, especially when using double strands. I tried it first with one strand and it's was just too thin. I really like the feel of the doubled yarn just keep in mind it's a longer process, at least for me. Now, Kristen I don't know how she does it and can only imagine she would just zip along.
I am keeping track of the colors, it's only taking one skein per section. A bit cheaper than Paton if you're interested.
 Next on my list this Holiday countdown, making Christmas Cookies.
<3 Pamela