Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Bit of Holiday Decorating

Despite the fact it's hard to get past what occurred with my son in the early hours of Saturday morning. I've managed to put out my Christmas Geese. It's all I have done so far as my mind can't help but picture my son's face and my grandson's shivering little body, the fear in his little face.
These are my girl's which I have had for many years. They usually make their appearance sooner but they are now here. I named them when they first arrived in my home.

Ms. Bessie is in the back on the left has a birdhouse around her neck with snow and holly, she appears to be singing a Christmas Carol by her stance.
Ms. Gracie has a small Christmas Tree on her neck, who is on the right she's always watching Bessie doing what she does.

Ms. Sara wears a Christmas wreath around her, she loves to poke her nose ever where as you can see. Either way they are always the first to make a Holiday appearance.
My favorite of all my Holiday Decorations they always make me smile. I have filled the candle bowl with a few pine cones for now, I plan on  adding more....but for right now I just need to relax shift my mind in to another direction. Knitting something simple does this for me, takes me away from things for awhile. The rhythm is so calming.

I am making these wrist warmers that I found here. I love the way the Vanna White yarn that I had left over from making slippers last year, is giving them a cabin like feel.

I do believe the color is a Taupe/ Cream blend. I did what Julie mentioned at Little Cotton Rabbit and cast on with a cable cast on...I can tell already these are going to be so warm. Pop on over to her blog the pattern is waiting.

<3 Pamela