Monday, November 26, 2012

What a Surprise

When going to the mailbox knocks your socks off...maybe one should try to knit a pair.
I couldn't believe it when I opened the box. Merino Cashmere doesn't get any softer than this?
I've been touching it off and on every time I walk by's so incredibly soft!
My son and daughter in law sent the perfect pre-gift so they called it. I felt so unworthy of receiving such an incredible gift, because so many are going without in the world. I know without a doubt, I will be making something to give away.
Especially to someone in need of maybe a nice soft blanket, mitten and scarf to keep them warm. This time of year I am in thought of so many who are struggling, maybe looking for a place to lay there heads. It's the best part of this season, thinking of others, ways to reach out and help. Yet it also makes me so very sad... I wish I could make offerings to those who struggle throughout the whole world.
If you read this section  you will understand my thinking. Nothing I can think of other than losing a child in this life, has the same impact as waking up one day, and everything that said home is gone.
To stand as they are in New Jersey and try to process in your mind... there is no place to call home anymore, its gone forever, I can not begin to describe the heaviness in your heart. You literally can't breathe, it doesn't seem real, the feeling of being lost, truly so lost, thinking there is no where to go.
You literally in your mind panic, like you are the only one left on this earth, and no one sees you as your crying out...I don't know where to go.
Stand for one minute in this Holiday Season...imagine everything you know to be home just disappears. What would you do and were would you go if there was absolutely no where to go. You  learn real fast just who's in your corner and it doesn't even come close, to those you really think would be there for you. And that...just adds to the devastation.
Be thankful this season for Everything never know what life has in store for you tomorrow. God Bless Everyone, Everywhere this season, may God bless you by sending an angel your way in times of struggles.
<3 Pamela