Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When Life Gives Thorns....

"When life throws a thorn in your side it's all in how one chooses to receive it that Matters"

The newest grand baby, Henry, has had his share of thorns since his birth on July 14, 2015. Born with secondary Vesicoureteral reflux a condition due to a urinary tract malfunction which is hereditary, causes his right kidney unable to release urine, thus not functioning. I had it myself which lead to kidney surgery for me at 25. Thank goodness for technology in the Medical field, it's now detected at birth.
My daughter, Dannon, is handling it so incredibly well, she contributes her ability to do so from her little brothers (yes, I had 5 children) a set of twins born with Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, their father took the twins and ran...handicap children often equals a lifetime child support, he did not want to pay. She told me through the twins struggles she reminds herself that Henry's condition could have been far worse.
I believe there is a reason for everything in life...a lesson, a time to learn and grow. For my daughter I believe the twins prepared her for a struggle to come...they are her rose in the thorn of what's going on  in her life. I am so incredibly proud of her and in turn also told her there is no shame in crying, go ahead after all he is her son, and crying is something mothers do for there children. She is an amazing mother. Both her boy's are truly very lucky to have her as a mom, by all  means, I am not saying she is perfect, no mother can be as hard as we try. We are all things to our children and certainly not without feelings of helplessness and guilt. It all comes with being a mom and I can tell you it continues on until we leave this earth. Whenever one of my children are hurting, even though they are grown, it feels exactly the same as when they were young. It takes one back to the days when they needed our when they hurt...the old instincts return and I find myself wanting to protect them, because that's what we know. Yet as much as we want to, we have to step back, and let them go through it on their own...its how they learn about life. 
When it comes to Henry and his mom, I will be there for support in all ways I can be at times like this...when a thorn presents itself...remember to look for the bud that blooms to a's there somewhere one just had to search...
As for baby Henry, he is on antibiotics which will change at 6 months to a more powerful one and then at one, he will have surgery. We all pray, we all are blessed and we all know God will take good care of Henry. Be still my heart...I am in love with this baby boy.