Friday, July 3, 2015

Breaking News!

There are days I sit in nature watching and photographing the life around me. As I watch I think to myself there is not one living thing that makes more noise or that is unkind, selfish, or rude except human beings. Life goes on among nature around us causing us very little if any problems, they simply just go about there day. I've come to fully understand why creatures around us are not trusting of this thing called humans after all we drive, we yell, we scare things in nature away at times. Creatures among nature that were here long before humans and with the advancement of technology we are destroying the earth and their homes. Do we acknowledge my goodness no, we don't even acknowledge a starving family or child in this world.
I sit at my apartment window and I watch tons of traffic go by each not caring about the other just in a hurry to get where they are going. I suppose it's why every year there are two to three fatal accidents at the corner. We are the only species with the largest brain to think about things, life, nature, choices, consequences, etc. Yet we go selfishly through life on our own agenda not caring what we do, who we hurt, after all the best thing to do is just ignore the unwanted or those who don't meet our standard of living. Here on the internet it has become more and more noticeable...if we don't like a certain person, facebook, blog, whatever simply hit the unfriend button, don't respond, and we can walk away with no feeling of remorse, because we can't be seen. How bloody well frickin' convenient. Right! Let's just use technology to benefit ourselves, be as rude as we want, so lets face it anyone who truly blogs, or for that offers anything, is doing it for only one reason, MONEY. How about someone blogging to give really free, absolutely, free information, or patterns. It seems these days everything cost way too much money and there are far to many sites offer gimmicks to get one to click and suddenly one finds there is so much more to that gimmick. So what's the Breaking did we forget to be human, and when will it ever return?