Saturday, November 1, 2014

Things are Changing...

The fall season is winding down the farmers have finished the removal of the sow beans. It's odd to see the fields so bare it seems as though not long ago they were filled with a beautiful green.

There are foliage that appear unusual in shape and color yet interesting just the same. I clearly have no idea what kind of foliage I photographed. It was simply amazing.

Yet the trees although they are dropping there leaves still remain a stunning show of color.

Then the berries of fall and winter have appeared the only green foliage among the many colors.

The leaves are clearly showing more signs of dropping. I look at the earth and even though I have seen these changes for decades I am still at aw. The seasons of change are beautiful.

As is my second oldest son, Aaron. I rarely see him and when I do it's like seeing him for the first time when I brought him into this world. I smile.

He has a job that takes him around the world month by month, a car engine designer, he designs many of the new features and redesigns the parts that cause problems with cars. I am proud, I always knew he would do great things even as a child I could see it. I just never thought how great they would be, not only for his accomplishments, but, for his morals as a man, husband, and father. My daughter tells me occasionally I have done something right, as a parent we tend to question the raising of our children as there is no book other than life experience. So when my daughter says, I've done something right although I have some idea of what it may be...I proudly say to her, Thank you.

Soon I will be posting my blanket as it is nearly done. I have been pushing away to complete it now that the weather is getting colder. Then I get to pick from a variety of patterns waiting, oh what a selection and what to choose....such a would be so nice to have more than two hands. Then again I am thankful I do.

What are you thankful for this year?