Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Project...

Ah July, the flowers bloom over and over, the rain falls leaving droplets on tender leaves, the gorgeous sunsets followed by a lovely cool night. I photograph nearly daily and love it. The grand babies are doing so good, the three born from November 2013 to May 2014 are all settling, the youngest still trying to find her rhythm yet all is good. I feel a calming this week the kind that is reminisce of a fall season, not that I am ready for that to arrive, simply feeling low key. This is when I knit the most, I love the rhythm of something simple like the garter stitch, the flow of the back and forth even makes for a more relaxed setting. Although I think I will add a bit of charcoal color in a few stripes throughout the project. Nothing fancy a simple toasty warm blanket done in Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn. I didn't want this project to take to long just needed the feel of the yarn through my fingers, since I am more of a fall and winter knitter/crocheter. The cool days recently I believe had my fingers craving the clicking of the needles. Yes, this will be my summer project I will finish before the cool/cold weather sets upon us. The one I will focus on, the only one, I will get done so I can wrap myself in the warmth and thickness. Should you be interested in making this simple blanket its done on 13" circular needles cast on of 190 stitches. 
Have a wonderful evening dear readers, and thank you again for visiting.