Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bringing the Outdoors in Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving Eve to all!
Do not try to adjust your computer... if the photographs all seem a bit odd...they were happily taken by my 6 year old grandson who just loves grammies camera. And is often a better photographer than me, that would be grammie.

Now here is my grand babies first photograph, hence, which is why I decided to bring the outdoors in... you see that round chair? I hate them, I mean these are the worst chairs Pier 1 could sell. There is a reason behind why I bought it, which would take waaaayyyy to long to explain and I don't live in the past in negative ways. I can only tell you if falling is what you like this is the chair for you! Everyone who has sat in this chair has hit the floor.
I was really pleased with the little ones clarity of his photography adventure, a bit of his dad's body is missing. I have come to the conclusion it's because of his size.
Now before I jump ahead first and foremost if any one's photographs are picture perfect, like no one is living there, spic n span clean, it's too impress and that ain't me. My home is lived in....but one must admit that chair and that little table had to go!
So the chair went....into the attic except this...
Large piece of cushion, the best part of that circular disaster. I simply clipped a stitch and just started to pull and rip, then I took out the stuffing packed it all in 3 garbage bags to use later.
This is a nice piece of heavy weight fabric which is why I torn it apart and kept it.
So in came the outdoor chair with it's aged appearance. Gosh... now this photo was just my grand babies height shows everything perfectly. That is just what I wanted you to see. I have these stacks of round hat boxes or whatever they call them, stacked one on top the other. I put the side table in the attic. Throwing things out is a no, no for me....Now that spot will change at some point, when I see something in another room that pops out and says, hey, what about about this!
As I said here, I am a neutral gal who would rather add a pop of color each season, then to constantly change the paint or curtains. The fan on the left is always out, yes, that's my hot flash turbo fan which runs year round. Ya think you're getting rid of your menstrual cycle and it all ends. Wrong! But that's another whole post topic.
So now, I am trying to decide whether to use the fabric above and make a nice cushion set with arm sides, or to just white wash the chair. Any opinions are welcome!
Okay who could resist tossing in this photograph. I beginning to think my grand babies head is tilted. Ha, ha...That's the froggy bank they empty (that would be him and his big brother) when they come to my home. Boy and to think they're rich when they empty it, I just don't seem to experience the same feeling. Oh well, as we march on....oh, and that's his shoe.
As the grapevine drops it's leaves for the winter, I begin to cut...and cut...and cut...this was the first of bringing the outdoors in...I wanted a tree I could keep up all year round, and I just do not like the ones at the craft stores. I'm an innovator, I like things unique that pop.

In my quest to make a tree...
I started with a 2" by 2" piece of wood in the middle and made a T shape with the same wood at the bottom. Then began the wrapping and wrapping still adding every year. Once it gets to were I like the fullness and the height I am done. It's a piece when the lights come on that had my daughter in law just claim it asap, as she said, if I ever wanted to get rid of it.  The decorations are from the grand babies, brought to me on there visit. The little elf's on pine cones fits the pine cone theme already on the tree. I usually place creme stamped and aged hearts at Christmas.
Notice the tilt? Bless his little heart.
This is the near the rest of the tree...the rustic star, on the side, gets put at the top of the tree on Christmas. I simply hang it on the wall above the tree. That's a lot of little elf's hanging around and that's me on the left. I use to be a traditional decorator, until I spent years alone after the divorce. It's been the best part of my life, this second act. To be me, to know me, I can only express with the word Awesome.
It's been the best part of any lesson I was to learn in this life.
As Whitney Houston, May God Bless her soul, said in a song, "The greatest love of all is easy to achieve, I found the greatest love of all inside of me." Once you have that love, nothing anyone can say to you in a negative manner or about you, just goes in and right out with no effect whatsoever.
It's amazing freedom and the best love experience of all time.
I am me, there is no one like me, I am standing, I am a survivor, I am loved, I am humbled, I am free, of society, I belong to no one but me, I matter, I count, I am no label other than female and human, I am a part of this earth and of God. No more, no less.
I do have to show you this before I close....remember this post?
I said it was to be a cowl, well it has grown and grown in to something I was planning to do many, years ago. When I found the pattern I knew I had to start over...I am so excited as it's easy to size to anyone. No it's not a shawl, or a blanket....I'll just keep you guessing until my tad-dah moment, which is not far off. In fact, I have been working on it the whole time I've been blogging.

Stop back for parts 3 and 4 to come of Bringing the Outdoor inside...
To end the post, I have this to say, " I miss you mom, the smell of your kitchen this time of night, your Holiday cookies, the stuffing, just everything about you. If I was granted one wish it would be to sit with you in my kitchen on Thanksgiving and ask you so many questions, I didn't think to ask when you where here with us. And to say, just how much you meant to my life, even the bad moments had there meanings. Yet more than that, I just want one more hug, just one :0(
I love you, mom, thank you for everything...even visiting me in my dreams. They are the best!
Have a safe, happy, Holiday, Please don't text, drink, and drive.
Everyone deserves there own lifetime.
<3 Pamela